Letter Received from “Mail Management”:

JMS Advisory Group, LLC specializes in corporate unclaimed property compliance solutions. Part of our operations includes sending letters to apparent property owners on behalf of our clients. This is an attempt to reunite the property (i.e., money) with the apparent owner before it must be reported to a state as unclaimed property.

If you received a letter indicating that funds are owed to you, please read it carefully and provide the information as directed on the letter. Be sure to update your address if it has changed and sign the form before a notary public if required. Once you have completed the form, please return the original document in the envelope provided, or to us as indicated below.

By fax:

Please send your fax to: (404) 474-0267

By email:

Please send your email to: compliance@jmsadvisors.com

If we do not receive your response by the due date noted in your letter, these funds will be remitted to the state of your address (the address on the letter), and you will then have to make a claim with that state's unclaimed property agency.

California State Controller Letters:

If you received a letter from the California State Controller’s Office stating that money may be owed to you, please contact us via email at compliance@jmsadvisors.com to request a California claim form. Carefully review and complete this form, include additional documentation if necessary, then send it back to us by fax or mail.

We require California claim forms to be returned no later than May 31st of the year in which the original letter from the state was sent. Refunds for claims made after this date will not be processed.

There is no fee associated with claiming these funds. Simply follow the instructions on the letter or claim form and send it to us prior to the deadline and your claim will be processed. Understand that all information regarding your claim is included on the letter – we do not have additional information and will not respond to those requests.

Link to Office of Consumer Protection article about these letters